Thousands of Satisfied Assassin customers in over 40+ countries!

Our best resource for how good we are is Google.  Google our name, our brand, our product reviews.  Look them up on forums, on search engines.  Go visit AVS forum and see our 30,000 posts over the past decade to verify that we indeed do know what we are talking about. 

When people have a bad experience, they want to share it with the world.  And we pride ourselves in the fact that very few of our customers have had bad experiences  (we try our hardest to make that number zero!).

How a company reacts when things don't go perfectly and treats those who put trust in you shows their true character and merit as an organization.  We pride ourselves on our ethics and personal service.

At Assassin HTPC, it does us no good to have unsatisfied customers.  So we always try to do what we can (within reason) to ensure each customer is happy with their Assassin system.

There is a reason wpeople have claimed that the Assassin HTPC isn't a purchase.  Its an Experience.

Customer Testimonials:

I've been enjoying my second Assassin built HTPC for several months now. The system works flawlessly. It runs and functions as advertised - all the time. It's the hub of my family's entertainment. In fact, my 11-year old son, navigates and operates the system with ease.   

-Ron S. (St. Paul, MN)

"When we received our Assassin Unit and plugged it in for the first time.  The only thing that amazed me more than the look and feel of it was how intricacate the setup and configuration was that they went through.  Pre mappeded Media folders, programs installed, updated and with settings pre-configured.  Even the power settings of the were modified to optimize an HTPC performance.  I have built dozens of computers myself, and haven't even gone into as much detail on my own systems as my Assassin HTPC unit had.  Its everything I expected and more.  
Feel free to share this and direct customers my way if you ever need a references.  "  

-Adam L. (Elizabethtown, KY)

The HTPC was custom built to meet my computing and home entertainment needs. Assassin HTPC expertly guided me, wisely spending my hard earned money on the quality parts my system needed.

Customer service is second to none. When you communicate with Assassin HTPC, you deal directly with the people who built and set-up your computer. You don't get this level of service elsewhere. In addition, questions and requests are responded very quickly.

Besides the systems I own, I am also a subscriber to the paid guides. With them, I've since customized and tweaked the units. The detailed, step-by-step instructions saved hours of time and frustration. I would not have had the confidence or knowledge to make such changes without the guides.

-Dan E. (New York)

Assassin's customer support is unprecedented. I purchased a machine with a defective motherboard and they replaced it no charge. I would recommend their products and services to anyone seeking a HTPC.
-Dennis W. (Cleveland, OH)

Assassin HTPC will make sure that you are happy with what you ordered. And that they will work with you to make sure everything is top notch. I recommend them highly :)
-Kevin C. (Montana)

From the moment I contacted Assassin HTPC they have been nothing but great and created systems that suited my needs and didn’t waste my money. My next HTPC, will be from Assassin as well!

-Chad W. (Covington, KY)

Assassin HTPC helped me get rid of my cable bills. With their HTPC’s and advice I enjoy no cable bills without missing out on any of my regular shows I’ve grown accustomed to watching!

-Gabe C. (Chicago, IL)

I joined their guides as well and it’s been the best decision I’ve made since buying my HTPC and has saved me countless hours of time. I’d recommend both Assassin and their blogs to everyone and I’d buy from them again and will when the opportunity arises!
-Neil P.

All I can say is WOW!! I went right to and streamed a game and it looked better than incoming cable feed!
-Nick Dyer (Scottsburg, AZ) 

I spent the evening watching all sorts of formats on it, and it handled everything like a dream including extremely high bandwith 1080p mkv. My wife and I were both quite astonished at just how lightning fast it boots into Windows->XBMC and how amazing and unique the setup was.  It was unlike anything we've ever seen.

Thanks for recommending going with the SSD instead. It definitely made a huge difference.

I was also pleasantly surprised by just how cool and quiet the box runs. I'm glad to see that you included all the documentation and disks for each piece of hardware as well.

All told, I'm extremely happy with the experience all around; reasonable pricing, great communication, and awesome hardware that far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you sincerely for an excellent job.

-Mike C. (Los Angeles, CA)