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The Assassin PRESTIGE HTPC is the workhorse of the Assassin product family.
An all in one unit with various storage options, aggresive price point and exceptional performance.

Make sure you check out our Software Configuration Options to have your HTPC system arrive the way you want it "out of the box!"

Prestige Series

Custom HTPC

The Assassin Prestige HTPC is the workhorse HTPC of the industry. With a variety of customization options, this all-in one unit will give you all the horsepower you need to power a main viewing area, serve up files, and run a full HTPC network throughout your home without breaking a sweat.

Assassin HTPC always upgrades to the latest stable tehnology and uses hardware that is slightly overkill for HTPC needs making the Prestige units extend far beyond the shelf life of any other device that exists today in its price range.

If you don't know where to start in your venture into the HTPC world...the Prestige is the best place to begin.

Assassin HTPC is the industry leader in Custom Server and Home Theater Computer Packages and the only company that offers completely 100% customizable HTPC’s based on your needs.

Either customize one of our existing units or contact us to create your own completely custom system along with one of our HTPC Build Consultants.

Customize & Buy
Customize & Buy


*All Assassin HTPC's are shipped double boxed with insurance to ensure our highest standards for your HTPC!