Why Choose Assassin HTPC?

Assassin HTPC is the ONLY "Out of the Box Ready",
Pre-configured HTPC systems available in the world!
(see configuration page for full details!).
Yes, you read that right.  An Out of the Box Ready HTPC...they do exist..

At Assassin HTPC.  Home Theater PC's isn't a part of what we do.  It is ALL we do.

So let us guess.....

1) You're tired of cable bills.  
2) You have heard you can get everything you need now on the internet.
3) You aren't quit sure how to do (or just don't feel like doing) it.  But want someone you can trust for both the hardware and software to do it for you.

Well, its a good thing you found us!

With Assassin, you won't get directed to an automated help line or a support forum or yahoo answers.  You have a phone number, a name, an email, a skype contact....a real person on the other end of the line (More often then not our direct cell phone lines).

If you don't believe us and want references...call us.  We have thousands of references spanning across more than 40 countries that will tell you about their Assassin experience (seriously we will give you all the references you want)!

Assassin HTPC has helped thousands of customers in over 40+ countries

There is a reason why Assassin continues to grow in the world of Google and Amazon giants while others are closing down their HTPC product lines.

You have to commit...Not only to the hardware...But more importantly to the software as well.  

At Assassin HTPC.  Home Theater PC's isn't a part of what we do.  
It is ALL we do.

This is why Assassin is the name that is trusted time and again by enthsiasts, beginners, experts and everyone inbetween.  

Read some more reasons below why an Assassin HTPC system might be for you:




A Better Computer, A Better Company, An Entirely New Experience

We strive every week to change the way computer companies think and operate and the outside world views them.

We consider ourselves a high caliber, affordable, boutique style technology constantly pushing the envelope by thinking outside the box.  

In fact, often times we think we are thinking outside the entire boxing factory.  

When you decide to buy an Assassin HTPC, you'll understand why its been called A "Media System" Rather than a computer or "an experience" instead of just a purchase.  

Careful attention to detail, personal interactions with our 4 year degreed technicians, and a buying experience that will leave you hating the big box stores and foreign phone queues.  

"Assassin HTPC is more of a lifestyle decision than a computer decision. "

Recognized as industry leaders in software integration, hardware selection, and build quality our expertise and personal buying experience fill in the gaps and questions  you have.

Whether its a pre-built or pre-configured HTPC system or a completely custom HTPC specific to your needs, our knowledge and expertise results in the most advanced HTPC’s systems available on the market today.

Every single component that is used in our builds is carefully selected through cost analysis, hours of research and development and vigorous quality testing and over 20+ years of experience leaving you with an aggressively priced pre-built HTPC capable of the highest quality audio and video available (1080p HD video and HD bitstreaming audio) and built to last.

Our customers report that they replace other components and computers up to 3 times before needing to replace their Assassin system!
"Professionally reviewed and acclaimed, Assassin HTPC’s strict adherence to build quality and customer satisfaction has lead them to be recognized and touted as one of the fastest growing custom computer companies in the world."

The Right System, The Right Setup!

Our #1 Priority is getting the right HTPC system and the right HTPC setup for you. With a software configuration option that touches all the bases, and hundreds of hardware configuration options, we have everything that you need down to enjoy your HTPC. Or select one of our existing configurations that are already designed with performance and cost in mind. Whether you want a single HTPC just to enjoy in your home theatre or a total house solution with multiple streaming locations (as seen below), assassin HTPC has the system and the setup for you. The possibilities are endless!

Assassin HTPC playing 5 different 1080p streams on 5 different devices from an Assassin Media Server.

Personalized Order Experience

Assassin HTPC is the only computer company that allows a completely unique and personalized online ordering experience. From the ability to choose such customizations as how your computer boots to hundreds of different possible configuration options and packages. Assassin HTPC is the only computer company building systems with the end user in mind allowing your Assassin HTPC to be as unique as you are.


Cutting-Edge Technology Comparison (SSD):

In an effort to always stay ahead of technology we always evaluate the latest technology and decide whether or not we want to incorporate it into our current systems. First it was DDR3 RAM, then Bluray players, and then Solid State Drives (SSD). 

Believe it or not, Assassin HTPC was the FIRST (yes you read that correctly) computer manufacturer to exclusively install their operating system on solid state drives.  In fact we refused and still do to install OS's on conventional hard drives.  

While the Dell's and Gateway's of the world were holding conference calls, running marketing polls and analyzing profit margins.  Assassin HTPC was gigabytes ahead of them in terms of technology and performance.  In fact, now we are the ones being monitored by the large corporations to see what they should incorporate next.  

Sometimes its good to be the little guy!

What is a Solid State Drive and how does it improve performance and how are you able to offer pricing hundreds of dollars lower than anyone else offering SSD systems in the market?

A SSD is a storage device with no moving parts, no heat production and blazing fast transfer times. These devices are many times faster than the typical hard drives found in the majority of computers today. These represent the most cutting edge technology at this time and in a few years will be standard on most machines. Our machines offer this amazing technology today.

To demonstrate the speed of an SSD, below is a side by side video comparison of two machines built exactly the same (with the exception of a SSD) being started at the same time and. As you can see the SSD Machine is able to process actions much faster.


 Perfectly Designed Systems

Our Pre-built HTPC systems are so well designed, and components so well researched and meticulously chosen specifically for HTPC use, that our most popular standard unit (the Elite), in an independent review by www.About.com, showed that while recording 4 HD units, and playing a fifth, computer usage was only around 10-12%. This from a HTPC that is less than $800!

"While recording four HD programs and watching a fifth (recorded), Windows Resource Monitor never went over 40% on the Core i3 processor. And that 37 or so percentage? That was a spike when first starting the recordings. Once started, the processor dropped back to around 10 to 12% and never jumped again."


 Cable Alternative Comparison

Tired of Cable bills?  So is everyone else.  Check out our blog for great guides on how you can completely replace cable without ever missing a single TV show.  With so many streaming options built in, bookmarked and all within two clicks of a remote, there is no need for $100 cable bills anymore.


 Direct Comparison

Furthermore, we are so confident in our machines ability to outperform anything else on the marketplace that we’ve accumulated a table of the closest thing that the Assassin HTPC’s have to competitors and compared our components with the competition so you can see for yourself how our stacks up to the current products in the market!

With no other systems even offering setups specific to HTPC use, you can see why our systems are not only competitively priced, but the best solution for your HTPC needs.



Assassin HTPC Prestige

Steiger Dynamics LEET

Zeus TV Pro 1200

Dell Inspiron


i5 4670k 3.4 GHz

i5 4590 3.3 GHz

i5 4590 3.3GHz

i5 4460s 3.4GHz


Z97 Pro





8GB DDR3 1600GHz

8GB DDR3 1600GHz

8GB DDR3 1600 GHz

8GB DDR3 1600Hz

Hard Drive

3 TB

3 TB

3 TB

1 TB






Optical Drive





Operating System

Windows 7 Pro

Windows 7 Pro

Windows 7 Pro

Windows 8.1

HTPC Setup Options

Full / Complete




Price Shipped






Monthly Cost of Bills Comparison:

By having to rely less on cable each month, 83% of our customers are able to reduce or eliminate their cable bills altogether (we suspect the other 17% are married to spouses who have to watch Desperate Housewives live).

Without HTPC: Cable + DVR + Home Phone
With HTPC: Home Phone Only

Power Usage Comparison

With today's increasing energy costs, power consumption is an important factor to consider when choosing an HTPC. Assassin pre-built HTPC's are some of the most energy efficient power computers available in the market and designed to operate at the highest performance level possible while still using barely any energy at all. Below is a table comparing an Assassin HTPC's (with an SSD included in the build) power usage to some common household appliances:


Power Usage (watts)

Coffee maker


Radio (stereo)


Desktop PC


Ceiling Fan




Assassin HTPC Elite


Clock Radio


*information gathered from www.energysaver.gov


HTPC Assassin Computer Running normal processes (not idle):

Assassin HTPC's power usage while playing a Bluray DVD @ 1080p resolution


Installed Software Comparison

Computers at big box electronic stores come pre-loaded with unnecessary software, trial programs, spyware, and other bloatware that slows down your computer from the start and are difficult (sometimes impossible) to uninstall.

These can severely affect and slow your computers performance and prematurely age it.

Assassin HTPC's come configured with only the necessary software and files needed to operate your system effectively.

We will NEVER put bloatware or unnecessary programs on your system for our monetary benefit. Below is a screenshot of how your computer desktop will look on its first boot compared to one purchased at a "big box" electronic store.

And we will NEVER accept outside compensation for anything we put into our systems. In fact, most of the programs WE pay for licenses to put on the systems because we feel they are that important
Our systems are designed and built with one thing in mind. You!

Assassin HTPC initial boot:

"Big Box" Electronic Store PC Desktop initial boot
(note: 24 total unwanted programs)


Dedicated Technology Research:

Not only do we have cutting edge technology backed with consumer grade components. But we are continually researching, testing, and studying performance, markets, and the quality of all the components both in our builds and not in our builds which no few other computer companies on the globe take the time to do. And if there is something that is a better selection for our customers, we have no problems switching over to the newer technology.

*An example of this is with SSD’s. Many SSD’s are seeing failure rates several months after they are installed. This is due to poor controllers in the SSD themselves. The SSD’s included in our systems have been tested to have the best and most reliable controllers of any SSD’s available on the market and have much better success rates and longer life expectancies than other SSD’s available in the market. This is confirmed both by our own private studies and statistics and by third party outside testers as well.

Our SSD's are not the cheapest on the market.  Not by a long shot!

Just another example of how Assassin HTPC puts quality before anything else.